Seventeen | Venice,Italy

Addicted to too many series, too many characters, to many people

i wanna see the way you move for me baby


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Calum looks really impressed. 12/9

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September 11, 2014 (x)

September 11, 2014 (x)

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"Looks like Harry is a bit sick tonight. Zayn has covered some of his parts." (X)

"I think Louis might be a little sick - he’s struggling a bit at the end of his notes & then rolling his eyes at himself :( BABY YOU ARE A " (X)


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Concert Situation (One Direction)


Imagine you are at a One Direction concert and you go for a quick wee. While you are peeing, you start hearing the beats of the next song they are performing, and soon you realise that it’s your favourite song they are singing. You are freaking out! You quickly zip up your jeans and exit the toilet, running down the hallway towards the arena doors… sweat is dripping down your face, afraid of missing the song. As you approach the doors, the music becomes louder and louder. You finally see the entrance door, you burst through it… you made it!

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#GiroPizza #UnAltraFettaGrazie #CancellaTutto #LeCrosteNonValgono  (presso Al Giropizza Jesolo)

I won’t judge, I promise

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